The Minutes are intended to be a formal record of the acts and decisions of the Parish Council. They are not intended to be a record of the speeches of Councillors. Accordingly, Minutes should not normally include details of the reasons for decisions, nor of the discussion which precede the making of decision, unless a decision cannot be expressed in any other way.

DRAFT Minutes August 2017

Minutes of Meeting 20th July 2017
Annual Parish Council Meeting 15 June 2017
Minutes of Annual Parish Council Meeting 25th May 2017
30th March Minutes
7th February 2017 Extraordinary Mtg
19th January 2017


21st January 2016
17th March 2016
Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 12th May 2016Annual Parish Council & Emergency Planning Mtg 26th May 2016
Minutes 21st July 2016
24th November 2016
Emergency Planning Mtg 21st December 2015