Great Yarmouth Local Plan Part 2 Consultation

Great Yarmouth Borough Council are consulting on proposals for future housing development, site allocations and revised housing targets. The Draft Local Plan Part 2 document shows the thoughts of the Borough Council in terms of:

  • detailed policies for planning applications;
  • allocations of sites for development;
  • a reduction in the overall housing target for the Borough, and a few minor updates to other Core Strategy policies;
  • the replacement of the remaining old ‘saved’ policies (from the former Borough-wide Local Plan of 2001); and
  • changes to the Local Plan Policies Map, to give effect to the above.

The Borough Council wants to know what people think of these provisional proposals, and whether there are any better options, before it makes up its mind on what policies and allocations it formally proposes to adopt. All documents and comments can be found at:

The consultation runs until 30th September 2018.

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