Hedging in the Parish

If your hedges are growing out on to paths, please can you cut them back.

In the past, Fleggburgh Parish Council have asked some parishioners if they could cut back their hedges due to concerns regarding hedges encroaching onto paths and roads. Thank you to all parishioners who responded so readily when asked to do so.

Cutting back hedges really helps the local community both in terms of making the area look neat and tidy as well as helping people make use of roads and footpaths more easily and safely.

Since overgrown hedges can help cause accidents, owners, by cutting back hedges to keep paths and roads clear, are also helping to protect themselves from potential legal action. Should an accident occur, which over-grown hedges may have contributed towards, then the owner of the hedge could be considered partially or wholly responsible for the accident. By keeping hedges trimmed, this helps promote safety which, in turn, helps protect owners of hedges from potential legal action.

Once again, thank you to everyone who keeps their hedges neat and tidy and helps keep Fleggburgh’s roads and paths safer.

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