NCC Highways Ranger Visit

The Highway Ranger will be visiting Fleggburgh Parish during the week commencing 15th November 2021. If you have any specific highway maintenance issues, please let the Parish Clerk know by 10th November 2021 so they can forward a report, with supporting photographs if available, and pass on these concerns to Norfolk County Council. The Clerk’s e-mail address is [email protected]

The key concern is maintaining the safety of the road network. Types of issues that can be reported include:

• Potholes – an accurate location and dimensions (including depth) really help NCC to judge their priority.
• Regular incidences of Standing water – location and area affected are important, in addition any knowledge of any features which may be blocked, does the ponding eventually clear over time, does this only occur during heavy rain. Sometimes heavy rain falls and wash from fields has caused issues over which NCC sometimes have no control. NCC can clear gulley pots and back ditches and grips within the highway boundary.

Other maintenance activities are listed below. These may be identified for action but will be lower priority and given a longer timescale for completion.

• Side out a carriageway or footway – where an encroachment of silt, verge growth or weeds etc has reduced the width of the carriageway or footway
• Hedge/Tree/Vegetation Encroachments – NCC will intervene where important signs are obstructed from view. Ideally, where encroachments exist NCC would contact the property owner so they may make their own arrangements at their own expense. Any information leading to identifying who is responsible for a certain feature will both be treated in confidence and reduce the time taken for the issue to be addressed.
• Damaged or dirty signs – If a damaged sign has been recovered, details of where this can be collected will be appreciated

Please provide as much information as possible including the exact location and specific concerns. NCC aim to provide feedback on the work which has been carried out during the visit; this will follow within a few weeks.

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