Scams to watch out for

Please be aware of the latest scams doing the rounds:

Cold callers regarding roofing

Telephone cold calls claiming to be from the DWP

Telephone cold calls claiming to be from British Gas

Telephone cold calls claiming to be about your car insurance

Telephone cold calls claiming that your IP address has been compromised

Telephone cold calls are also calling about Thomas Cook.

Please be careful if anyone contacts you regarding any of these.

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Neighbourhood Development Plan

Our consultants, Collective Community Planning, have put together their Issues and Options Report, please view on the Neighbourhood Plan page.

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Dog on the loose

A dog which has been likened to a black lurcher or a greyhound has been reported in Fleggburgh. It has a red collar and has been sighted on a number of occasions. It has been reported to the police (no. 202 27th Sept 2019).

Is this your dog? Or do you know whose dog this is? If so, please contact the Parish Clerk at Fleggburgh Parish Council.

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Hedging in the Parish

Over the summer, Fleggburgh Parish Council asked some parishioners if they could cut back their hedges due to concerns regarding hedges encroaching onto paths and roads. Thank you to all parishioners who responded so readily when asked to do so.

Cutting back hedges really helps the local community both in terms of making the area look neat and tidy as well as helping people make use of roads and footpaths more easily and safely.

Since overgrown hedges can help cause accidents, owners, by cutting back hedges to keep paths and roads clear, are also helping to protect themselves from potential legal action. Should an accident occur, which over-grown hedges may have contributed towards, then the owner of the hedge could be considered partially or wholly responsible for the accident. By keeping hedges trimmed, this helps promote safety which, in turn, helps protect owners of hedges from potential legal action.

Once again, thank you to everyone who keeps their hedges neat and tidy and helps keep Fleggburgh’s roads and paths safer.

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Neighbourhood Development Plan

There will be a Drop In Open Event whereby there will be the opportunity to have your say in the development of the Fleggburgh Parish Neighbourhood Plan on Saturday 14th September 2019 between 09:00 and 11:30 in Fleggburgh Village Hall.


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Neighbourhood Development Plan Meeting

Following on from the The Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group Meeting held on Tuesday 20th August please note the updates on the Neighbourhood Plan page.

Further meetings will be advised in due course.

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Neighbourhood Development Plan Meeting


Following on from the Neighbourhood Development Plan questionnaires that were well supported, please note the results, both in summary and detail, are posted under the Neighbourhood Plan page. Have a look, give us your feedback, but more importantly make a note in your diaries, Tuesday 20th August 2019 and we look forward to seeing you and hearing your comments.

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Highway Engineer’s report on collisions on the B1152

Looking at the whole stretch of the B1152 between the A1064 and A149 over the most recent three years – to end October 2018, and we’ve got 14 collisions recorded.

Of these, six occurred at or in the vicinity of the junction with the A1064:
• Four Failure to give way
• Tail end with a right turned to the north of the junction
• Loss of control after a police chase (I’m not 100% certain that this collision is correctly located)

Three occurred at the A149 (west) junction:
• Two tail end on B1152 at give way
• Failure to give way

The remaining collisions are a mixed bag:
• Junction overshoot at the A149 (east) junction – serious
• Single vehicle loss of control in icy conditions
• Head on collision – serious
• Failure to give way from minor U class road
• Tail end with a vehicle slowing to turn right

This is a noticeable number of incidents in particular at the junction with the A1064, it’s hard to address this due to the shallow angle, and therefore high speed, at which traffic can turn left from the A1064. Beyond this, there is no commonality between the recorded incidents, the introduction of a 50 limit along the B1152 has been considered in the past, it would likely prove to be a weak limit in terms of compliance given the infrequent level of development and adjoining side roads.

The feedback from our network safety team there are no planned improvement measures I have however challenged this asking if the junction of the A1064 and B1152 has any specific recommendations which may fit the parameters of local member funding if they cannot be justified into a casualty reduction scheme.

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Highway Ranger visit – please let the Parish Clerk know of your concerns

The Highway Ranger will be visiting Fleggburgh Parish in the next 3 months if there is work identified for their attention. If you have any specific highway maintenance issues, please let Jimmy, the Parish Clerk, know by 28th May 2019 so that he can write a report and pass on these concerns to Norfolk County Council. His e-mail address is [email protected]

The key concern is maintaining the safety of the road network. At this time of year the following highway defects are generally the highest priority:

• Potholes – an accurate location and dimensions (including depth) really help NCC to judge their priority.
• Regular incidences of Standing water – location and area affected are important, in addition any knowledge of any features which may be blocked, does the ponding eventually clear over time, does this only occur during heavy rain. Recently heavy rain falls and wash from fields has caused issues over which we sometimes have no control. NCC can clear gulley pots and back ditches and grips within the highway boundary.

Other maintenance activities are listed below. These may be identified for action but will be lower priority and given a longer timescale for completion.

• Side out a carriageway or footway – where an encroachment of silt, verge growth or weeds etc has reduced the width of the carriageway or footway
• Hedge/Tree/Vegetation Encroachments – NCC will intervene where important signs are obstructed from view. Ideally, where encroachments exist NCC would contact the property owner so they may make their own arrangements at their own expense. Any information leading to identifying who is responsible for a certain feature will both be treated in confidence and reduce the time taken for the issue to be addressed.
• Damaged or dirty signs – If a damaged sign has been recovered, details of where this can be collected will be appreciated

Please provide as much information as possible including the exact location and specific concerns. NCC aim to provide feedback on the work which has been carried out during the visit; this will follow within a few weeks.

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Litter Pick on 13th June and 11th July – volunteers needed!!!

Building on from last year’s litter picking activities in the parish, a Litter Pick will be held on Thursday 13th June in Clippesby/ Billockby villages at 10:30 (starting opposite the bus stop on the A1064). Likewise a Litter Pick will be held in Fleggburgh on Thursday 11th July at 10:30, starting from the Village Hall.

Would you like to volunteer? Want to know more? If so, contact Julie on 01493 369645.

All necessary safety equipment will be available as before: litter grabbers, strong plastic bags with supporting rings, high visibility safety jackets.

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