Coronavirus form which can be used when offering help

If you’re intending to offer someone help during this coronavirus outbreak, this form can be used to introduce yourself:

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Coronavirus advice from Norfolk County Council

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Do you need help during the coronavirus emergency?

Fleggburgh Parish Council have received the following communication from a parishioner. If anyone else would like to offer help, please let us know.


[email protected]

Good morning

My family and I live in Fleggburgh and would like to offer help to vulnerable members of the community during the covid 19 outbreak. We all drive and are willing to do shopping, post letters or whatever else may be needed at the time.

I was wondering if you could help by sharing our intent on the Parish Council website and possibly getting a group of like minded volunteers together so that our villages vulnerable persons are cared for in these trying times.

Many thanks in advance

Kind regards

Joanne Bray

Tel. 07894900237


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Church lead theft

In 2017 the PCC launched the Raise The Alarm Initiative in partnership with the Bishop of Norwich, Norfolk Churches trust, All Churches Trust and the Round Tower Churches Society with the aim to protect vulnerable churches against the rise in lead theft.

The initiative has seen the introduction of over 126 alarms. At the time of the Rural Policing Strategy Annual Report 2018-2019 we had seen a 57% reduction in reported lead thefts. In 2018 (01/01/18 to 01/01/19) there were 21 reports of lead theft in Norfolk. In 2019 this figure had dropped to 18.

Please remain vigilant around our rural churches. Report any suspicious activity as this may be a precursor to a criminal act. Don’t leave anything laying around that can assist offenders (tools, ladders benches near low roofs providing easy access). It may also be useful to consider setting up or joining a social media group with church wardens or caretakers to make others aware of any suspicious or criminal activity in or around the church. If anyone has had any success using other methods, please let other churches or the police know so that they can be circulated.

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Norfolk Fire and Rescue – Advice on fire risk in your home

Norfolk Fire and Rescue (NFRS) – Derek Sim

I want to look at home fire safety and provide a few tips to help prevent fires in the home. One of the best ways of keeping you safe and alerting you to a potential fire in your home is a working smoke alarm. Recommendations are that you fit a smoke detector on every floor of your home, ideally on ceilings in the hallway or landing. Don’t put smoke detectors in the kitchen as these can be set off accidentally.

Test the batteries once a week by pressing the test button. If your smoke alarm doesn’t have a long life (5-10 years) battery, replace it each year.

As the kitchen is one of the higher fire risk areas of your home, here are some safety tips to reduce the risk of fire:

Do not leave cooking unattended – take the pans off the heat.
Take care when wearing loose clothing – it can easily catch fire.
Keep electrical leads, tea towels, and cloths away from the oven or hob.
Spark devices are safer than matches or lighters to light gas cookers.
Switch off the oven or hob when you’ve finished cooking.
Never leave children alone in the kitchen.
If you deep fry food, consider a thermostatically controlled electric deep fat fryer.

Prepare in advance and think about what you would do if you had a fire at home? Do you have an escape plan? Even if you’ve lived in your home for a long time, it can all seem very different in a fire, lack of vision, smoke, panic. So:

Plan your escape routes and keep exits clear.
The best route is the usual way in and out of your home.
Get everyone to test your escape plan.
Keep door and window keys handy – tell members of your household where they are.

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Useful advice about stacked straw from Norfolk Fire & Rescue

The following useful information is from Derek Sim from Norfolk Fire and Rescue:

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service is located with Norfolk Police in a joint headquarters in Wymondham. This allows both teams to share vital information and support our rural communities in driving down crime and arson.

In any one year, Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service attends between 200 and 500 incidents related to farms. These can include out of control bonfires to large acreages of standing crop. Some of the smaller incidents may not even involve the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service because the landowner is able to deal with it. However, even small incidents can quickly grow and become a danger to both farm staff and livestock.

In this edition, I want to look specifically at stacked straw. With the increasing value of stacks of straw, many growers have now decided to bale and store rather than chop and cultivate back into the soil. If you are a livestock farmer or waiting for companies to pick up the straw for power stations, etc, most of you will now be well into your stock. This means that the distance between the stacks may have increased beyond the recommended 10 metres. The advice is to keep that larger distance where and when possible. My advice is also to calculate the predominate wind direction and avoid lining up the stacks in that direction, as it will only help to spread any hot ash or embers.

For many of you, moving the stack may not be possible or practical this late into the season due to wet ground or lack of space so we need to look for alternatives. So, keep the areas around the stack under control, manage any litter and make sure all machinery is parked or stored well away. If the straw is in a building along with other ignition sources, can it be separated via compartmentation?

A good regime for you to follow includes checking outbuildings and padlocks regularly and reporting any unwanted activity from staff to the employers, and also to the police’s rural crime team. It may seem like low level crime to individual businesses but when included with other low-level incidents, it could form part of a bigger picture so share the information.

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Flooding at Billockby

Many of you will have seen the flooding at the junction of the little cut through from the B1152 with the A1064. Hopefully, this problem will be sorted out very soon.

Preliminary work has been carried out and permits are now in place for the pipe work across the carriageway to be jetted. Once this is done, the problem should be sorted. The earliest this can be done is 4th March.

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Help your local school!

Do you read the EDP?

If so, please can you collect the Plant to Plate tokens for Fleggburgh Primary School. If we are able to collect enough tokens we have a chance to win £1,000 worth of gardening equipment for the School which would be great for the children.

Tokens can be handed in at the School.

More information can be found at

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Buildings of Historical Significance

Please note the update to the Neighbourhood Plan page regarding ‘Buildings of Historical Significance’.

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Road closure in Fleggburgh starting 19th February 2020

Road Traffic Regulation Act, 1984 – Section 14(2)

In accordance with the provisions of Section 14(2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act, 1984, the Norfolk County Council HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that owing to BT works to restore customer service the use by vehicles of the C457 Rollesby Road from its junction with C458 Repps Road for a distance of 300m southwards in the PARISH OF FLEGGBURGH will be temporarily prohibited from 19th February 2020 to 21st February 2020 for the duration of the works, expected to be about 3 days within the period. If necessary the restriction could run for a maximum period of 21 days.

Alternative route is via: Rollesby Road, Town Road, A1064 Main Road, B1152 Main Road / Heath Road / Mill Lane, A149 High Road / Main Road, Fleggburgh Road (Fleggburgh,Rollesby,Ashby with Oby,Repps with Bastwick).

(If necessary the restriction could run for a maximum period of 18 months from the date of the Order)

Penalty: £1000 maximum fine on conviction and/or endorsement for contravention.

The person dealing with enquiries at Norfolk County Council is Martin Dixon (Community and Environmental Services Department) Telephone 0344 800 8020.

Dated this 19th day of February 2020

Helen Edwards
Chief Legal Officer
County Hall
Martineau Lane

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