Highway Engineer’s report on collisions on the B1152

Looking at the whole stretch of the B1152 between the A1064 and A149 over the most recent three years – to end October 2018, and we’ve got 14 collisions recorded.

Of these, six occurred at or in the vicinity of the junction with the A1064:
• Four Failure to give way
• Tail end with a right turned to the north of the junction
• Loss of control after a police chase (I’m not 100% certain that this collision is correctly located)

Three occurred at the A149 (west) junction:
• Two tail end on B1152 at give way
• Failure to give way

The remaining collisions are a mixed bag:
• Junction overshoot at the A149 (east) junction – serious
• Single vehicle loss of control in icy conditions
• Head on collision – serious
• Failure to give way from minor U class road
• Tail end with a vehicle slowing to turn right

This is a noticeable number of incidents in particular at the junction with the A1064, it’s hard to address this due to the shallow angle, and therefore high speed, at which traffic can turn left from the A1064. Beyond this, there is no commonality between the recorded incidents, the introduction of a 50 limit along the B1152 has been considered in the past, it would likely prove to be a weak limit in terms of compliance given the infrequent level of development and adjoining side roads.

The feedback from our network safety team there are no planned improvement measures I have however challenged this asking if the junction of the A1064 and B1152 has any specific recommendations which may fit the parameters of local member funding if they cannot be justified into a casualty reduction scheme.

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